Tzahi Hanegbi resigns Knesset, joins Kadima

Interim Likud chairman Tzahi Hanegbi announced his resignation from the Knesset and his backing of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in his new party, Kadima. He announced that since his Knesset seat came through the Likud party, he would resign from the Knesset and return the seat to his previous party. Hanegbi emphasized his belief that Sharon was the only one who could lead Israel at this point. He noted that as one who was intimately familiar with the prime minister's fight against terror, he knew Sharon could be completely trusted to run the country. The resigning Likud member related the deliberations that drove him to join Kadima. "The departure from the Likud was not easy, it was heartbreaking," he confessed. He asserted that he could not take part in a party that would run a candidate against Ariel Sharon.