Umm el-Fahm residents petition to buy land in Jewish town of Mei-Ami

A plan by the Jewish town of Mei-Ami to construct a residential development has come under fire on Sunday, with residents of a nearby Israeli-Arab town demanding the right to purchase some of the new houses, Israel Radio reported. The plan involved the construction of 410 new homes, most of which are slated to be built along a route that runs between Mei-Ami and Umm el-Fahm. The attorney representing Umm el-Fahm's residents told Israel Radio that the area currently owned by Mei-Ami once belonged to an Arab village. He added that the Israeli-Arab town is suffering from a severe lack of land availability. Eitan Ben-David, secretary of the Moshav Movement, said he is against allowing Arabs to live in small Jewish towns (moshavim since it would be destructive to Zionism.