UN passes resolution proposed by Israel

In an unprecedented move Tuesday, the UN passed a resolution proposed by Israel unrelated to the Israeli-Arab conflict or the Holocaust. The resolution urges countries and NGOs to develop agricultural technology and improved crop strains for poor countries. The proposal was approved by a vote of 118 - 0, with 29 counties abstaining. The resolution followed six months of widespread diplomatic activity in the UN by the Foreign Ministry. Israeli diplomats in the UN felt the achievement was rare since they needed to fight against the automatic majority made up of Islamic and non-aligned nations. Israel's ambassador to the UN Danny Gillerman released a statement saying that "the resolution's approval constituted recognition of Israel's excellence and its contribution to the world." "Israel plans to continue proposing resolutions that will express its uniqueness, creativity and innovativeness and will demonstrate that, like other UN member states, it is active and contributes to a long list of subjects separate from the Israeli-Palestinian issue."