Undercover cop busts 18 drug dealers at J'lem high school

An undercover Jerusalem policewoman who posed as a drug dealer at a city high school and pub has led to the arrest of 18 teens and adults for dealing in drugs, police said Monday. The 23-year-old cop worked as a security guard at Jerusalem's ORT Polanski school during the day, and as a waitress at the city's Blanco pub and bar by night, where she purchased drugs from the high school teens. The suspects who were arrested Monday after the months-long investigation allegedly traded in LSD, Ecstasy, and marijuana, the police said. The suspects were brought to a Jerusalem court Monday for a remand hearing. The undercover police agent said Monday that there was "a real hierarchy" in the drug trade, even among high school pupils. She added that the adults who sold the drugs to the youths said that it troubled their conscience that they were using minors in the trade, but that was the only way these kids would ever get NIS 50. Police said that they launched the operation in the wake of specific intelligence.