US Attorney General praises Israel cooperation

US Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales on Tuesday commended Israel for its strong cooperation in the war against terror and international crime. Speaking at Tel Aviv University, Gonzales mentioned Israel's March extradition of suspected Israeli mob boss Zeev Rosenstein to the United States as an action that "highlights one of the most important ways we cooperate with our international law enforcement partners." Rosenstein was extradited for trial on charges of involvement in a drug ring that allegedly distributed more than 1 million Ecstasy pills in Miami and New York. Gonzales singled out US-Israel collaboration in combatting terrorism. "We are working closely in the war on terror," he said. He spoke primarily about "global law enforcement in a post 9/11 world," and of the wide range of cooperation the US had with its allies in combating drug trade, corruption, fraud, bribery and child pornography. "Our commitment to fighting crime has never been stronger," he said.