'War can't end without soldiers' return'

TA press conference heralds campaign to increase awareness of captives' plight.

"Every day that passes increases the concern for the fate of the captives," emphasized the organizers of a special press conference in Beit Sokolov in Tel Aviv. "We have to remember that the second Lebanon war broke out following the kidnapping of our soldiers, and it can't end without their return." Members of the forum, made up of friends of the kidnapped soldiers, as well as public figures such as Maj.- Gen (res.) Uzi Dayan, announced on Thursday that starting next week, the public struggle to bring back the three kidnapped soldiers would be broadened under the codename, "No abandoning soldiers in the field." Efforts to reach this goal were expected to include a campaign to increase public awareness of the kidnapped soldiers' plight. Signs and bumper stickers reading, "And the children will return to their borders" ("V'shuvu banim l'gvulam"), will be distributed throughout Israel, and a mass rally calling on the public not to abandon the soldiers to captivity is planned for next Thursday in Rabin Square. On the diplomatic front, members of staff are expected to meet over the next week with ambassadors from several countries, including member nations of the UN Security Council, and demand that the kidnapped soldiers be transferred from Hizbullah to the Lebanese government. Members of the parliamentary lobby for the return of the kidnapped soldiers will also meet on Tuesday to discuss additional steps.