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Hamas stomps Fatah in Nablus polls; US House oks anti-Hamas resolution; Aksa, Jihad claim Hebron attack.

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weekend wrap 88
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Hamas stomps Fatah in Nablus, Jenin According to results published early Friday, Hamas won the Palestinian Authority primaries in Nablus with 73 percent of the vote, marking victory in 11 out of 13 districts. The Islamic party did well in other local elections, winning 72% of the vote in El-Bireh, a large suburb of Ramallah. US House of Rep. passes anti-Hamas resolution Resolution states future funding of the PA conditioned upon exclusion of Hamas from upcoming elections. EU warns Iran to stop provoking Israel Iran could face sanctions if it keeps provoking Israel and the West, European leaders warned Friday, even as the Teheran regime's interior minister said the Iranian president's remarks had been "misunderstood." IDF launches artillery attack on Gaza The IDF launched an artillery assault against Kassam rocket launch sites in Gaza on Friday. Israel also imposed a closure on the Gaza Strip and West Bank beginning early Friday, following the firing of seven Kassam rockets into the Negev and near Ashkelon. Al-Aksa and Jihad claim Hebron attack Yossi Shok, 35, father of five from Beit Hagai was killed Friday in a drive-by shooting near Hebron. Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades and Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attack. Iran developing longer-range missiles German Bild newspaper's reported Friday that Iran was developing longer-range missiles with technology from North Korea and Russia. The report cited information from Germany's foreign intelligence service. Fatah, offshoot party to discuss forming joint list to confront Hamas Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, of Fatah, sent an envoy to the Future leader, Marwan Barghouti, to request that the sides negotiate a joint list for the parliamentary elections. Discount Bank settles laundering claim Israel Discount Bank of New York has agreed to pay up to $25 million to settle state and federal claims that it allowed illegal Brazilian money transmitters to move $2.2 billion through its offices over the past five years.