West Bank demolitions lead to clashes

Civil Administration razes 6 structures including a synagogue.

Demolition Samaria (photo credit: Shimshon Suchi, Samaria Settlers' Committee)
Demolition Samaria
(photo credit: Shimshon Suchi, Samaria Settlers' Committee)
The Civil Administration reportedly razed several structures in the West Bank early Thursday morning, leading to clashes between settlers and police in the area.
It was reported that at least six settlers were arrested in Kiryat Arba, and were taken for questioning.
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According to Israel Radio, six illegal structures were demolished, including a synagogue. Four families were living in the structures.
A number of settlers from the area reportedly attempted to block entry and prevent the demolitions, setting tires on fire and throwing stones which punctured the tyre of an army jeep. It was reported that the settlers also torched fields in the area in protest.
Settlers said that police had given them just ten minutes to evacuate their homes before the razing began.
Right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir commented on the incident, saying that he would not be surprised if a mosque was damaged as a response to the razing of the synagogue.