West Bank family who lost 3 attacked

None wounded in shooting; earlier, IDF kills al-Aksa gunman in Nablus taxi.

soldier falls in Nablus  (photo credit: AP)
soldier falls in Nablus
(photo credit: AP)
Palestinians shot at Israeli civilians and troops both from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in separate incidents on Friday evening. No casualties were reported in any event. In the latest incident, Palestinians opened fire at a car carrying members of a family who lost three of its members in a 2002 terror attack. Relatives of Ya'acov, Hannah, and Shuv-el Dickstein, all killed in a Har Hebron shooting, were driving near the Pisgot community close to Ramallah when the gunmen shot at their car. The vehicle sustained damages. Soon after the attack, IDF troops were shot at while they were conducting searches for the perpetrators. Meanwhile, two mortars that were fired from the northern Gaza Strip landed close to the security fence. The Islamic Jihad's Al-Kuds Force claimed responsibility for the attack. Overnight Thursday, IDF troops shot a Palestinian gunman to death in Nablus. The soldiers opened fire on a taxi in which the gunman was traveling with another armed Palestinian passenger towards Balata refugee camp, the IDF said. The second gunman and the taxi driver fled the scene. Palestinians identified the man as a 26-year-old Aksa Martyrs' Brigades operative. Palestinians had earlier falsely reported that the dead man was an unarmed Palestinian taxi driver who did not heed IDF soldiers' orders to stop. However those claims proved to be untrue after the army checked into the report. Troops also found a number of pipe bombs and several grenades during overnight operations in the West Bank town which has been the site of an IDF crackdown this week on terror suspects. Military operations began in Nablus late Wednesday after army incursions into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip wound down. Israel has said it will not stop hunting down West Bank terrorists linked to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement, even though Israel backs Abbas in his struggle against Hamas. In other overnight operations in the West Bank, soldiers arrested three Palestinian fugitives, including a Tanzim operative. AP contributed to this report