Winograd Committee member Dror: I've never taken a political stance

"I have never taken a political stance, not in my work for the Winograd committee, nor in my work at university," Winograd committee member Prof. Yehezkel Dror said Wednesday. During a speech at an Israel Democracy Institute conference, Dror said that it was preferable to focus on analyzing strategic moves rather than on personal conclusions and recommendations, adding, "If they had asked me to sit on a state commission of inquiry, rather than the Winograd committee, I would have refused." The Winograd committee member caused uproar earlier Wednesday when he was quoted by Maariv as implying that furthering the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians and keeping opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu out of the Prime Minister's Office were "worthy considerations." Dror later said that the remarks were taken out of context.