Woman allegedly harassed by MK won't go to police

The parliamentary aide who was allegedly sexually harassed by Labor MK Yoram Marciano in a club in Herzliya said on Monday that she did not plan to file a complaint with police. In an interview with Army Radio, "A." said that after seeing what happened in the case of former justice minister Haim Ramon and his accuser, H., she had no desire to undergo a similar ordeal. "I think the publicity is a punishment in itself," she said. "MK Marciano is a publicly elected official, and therefore he needs to be judged by the public and not within the walls of a courtroom." Marciano completed his testimony before the Knesset Ethics Committee on Monday, after asking the committee to decide on a proper punishment for his actions. Besides the sexual harassment accusations, the Labor MK is under investigation for allegedly starting a fight with security guards at the Rio club after getting drunk.