Yavne resident indicted for murder, rape

Lushchenko, 24, allegedly killed his friend, then raped victim's mother.

murder crime scene 248.88 (photo credit: Channel 2 (file))
murder crime scene 248.88
(photo credit: Channel 2 (file))

Yavne resident AndreyLushchenko was indicted on Wednesday for murdering his friend, 28-year-old RishonLezion resident Sergei Kolsnikov. According to the indictment filed at thePetah Tikva Magistrate’s Court, Lushchenko wenton to rape and assault his friend’smother for a 24-hour period after the murder.

Lushchenko, a formerIDF combat soldier who made aliya in 1996, admitted to thecrimes during his police investigation.

According to police, Kolsnikov, Lushchenkoand another friend met to drink alcohol at a Rishon Lezion park on Fridaynight, January 1. At 3 a.m., after several hours of drinking, Lushchenko and Kolsnikov went to the latter’sapartment.

When they arrived at the apartment,Kolsnikov fell asleep, and the defendant surfed the Web and listened to music.At a certain point, Kolsnikov asked Lushchenkoto leave, and in response, the defendant allegedly slapped his friend in the face andstabbed him twelve times with a kitchen knife. Lushchenko only stopped stabbinghis friend when he was sure he was not longer breathing, according to theindictment.

The defendant allegedly then wentto Kolsnikov’s mother’s bedroom, punched her and waved the knife in herface. He forced her to undress and raped her several times, the indictmentclaims.

On Saturday morning, when she asked him if he had murderedher son, the defendant allegedly beat her, stabbed her in the abdomen and told her thatSergei was sleeping “because he swallowed pills and drank Vodka.” After stabbing her, Lushchenko allegedly refused to call an ambulance for Kolsnikov’s mother, though she begged him to do so.

On Sunday, January 3, Lushchenkoallegedly forced Kolsnikov to lie to her boss and tell him that she would not arrive towork because she was not feeling well. After the phone call, Kolsnikov allegedly enteredher son’s room again and realized that he was dead, not asleep. When sheshouted at the defendant, he beat and stabbed her again, the indictment claims.

Lushchenko only left the Kolsnikov’s apartmentat 10 a.m. on Sunday, allegedly forcing the woman he raped to give him money for taxifare and threatening to murder her if she told anyone what had happened. Whenhe arrived at his home in Yavne, Lushchenko disposed of his bloodied clothes as wellas the murder weapon, continued the indictment. 

The prosecution asked the court to extend Lushchenko's remand until the end of the proceedings.