'Yediot' editor Rafi Ginat to leave post early

Yediot Aharonot announced on Monday morning that the paper's management had accepted editor Rafi Ginat's request to leave his post a year before the end of his three-year contract. The move took place amid speculation as to Ginat's ambitions to head the Channel 2 News company and a growing rift between him and Yediot publisher Arnon Mozes. Ginat, renowned mainly for his veteran consumer-affairs and investigative reporting TV show "Colbotek" for over twenty years, continued hosting the show, despite being appointed two years ago to one of the most powerful positions in Israeli media. The two leading candidates to replace Ginat as Yediot editor are deputy editor Yoel Esteron and Yon Feder, the editor of Ynet, the newspaper's Web site.