Yigal Amir asks judge permission to attend son's cirumcision

Yigal Amir arrived in the Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday to ask the judge for permission to attend his newborn son's brit (circumcision), which is set to take place Novemebr 4th, the same day Amir murdered prime minister Yitzhak Rabin 12 years ago. "We are talking about a special security prisoner," the prosecution told the court. "The poption of being released for a family event is a privilege, not a right," continued the prosecution. "In this case there is great concern that the security of the state, public, the team guarding Amir [at the event] and Amir himself could be compromised. His release from prison, especially on the anniversary of the murder, will create a huge public storm and force a large police deployment." A final ruling was yet to be made.