Young Russian diplomats study in capital

A group of 15 cadets - diplomats in training - from Russia has arrived for a twoweek visit. The students will follow an intensive course of study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This is the fourth class attending the program, which was organized by the Russian Society of Friends of Hebrew University. Some of the cadets are Arabists, while the rest specialize in Hebrew. They will attend lectures and seminars on Middle East diplomatic issues given by academics and by leading Israeli politicians, and tour the country. The students will meet with diplomats at the Foreign Ministry and with MKs at the Knesset. They also have meetings scheduled with Vice Premier Shimon Peres, Tourism Minister Isaac Herzog and Labor MK Ami Ayalon, former head of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). The will also speak with the head of the Russian Orthodox Mission in Jerusalem Archimandrite Yelisey. Anna Simonova, the director of the Russian Society of Friends, said, "The idea of the course is to develop and to improve the relationship between the two countries. It is extremely important to give first-hand knowledge of Israel to future diplomats who most probably will serve in the Middle East region."