Youth brawls dominate weekend crime

Over a dozen hospitalized with shot, stab wounds; 11 youths, minors arrested.

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Youth violence dominated the weekend crime reports, as brawls in and around popular entertainment spots resulted in the hospitalization of over a dozen people, including one shooting victim and four stabbing victims who were listed in moderate condition. An additional eleven youths and minors were arrested following the violent incidents. In Tel Aviv alone, five major brawls resulted in injuries and arrests, keeping police busy throughout the early morning hours. At about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, Tel Aviv police received a report that a number of shots were fired outside a club on Ahad Ha'am Street. Police arriving at the scene conducted an initial investigation and discovered that a conflict had erupted between a young man who wanted to enter the club and a guard who refused to allow him to enter, claiming that the club was full to capacity. During the altercation, the security guard shot the young man, a 25-year-old Tel Aviv resident. The victim was taken to Ichilov Hospital where he was listed in moderate condition. The security guard, a 23-year-old from Holon, was arrested and questioned by Tel Aviv police. Less than two hours later, Tel Aviv police received word of a fight at a nightclub in Rehov Yad Harutzim. Police officers initially conducted searches for the participants, who had fled the scene. Within an hour, traffic police stopped a suspicious vehicle at the Beit Dagan intersection between Jaffa and Lod. Among the passengers in the vehicle was a 16-year-old from Ramle who was suffering from stab wounds. A 25-year-old Tel Aviv resident who was also in the vehicle was detained for questioning by the police, while the youth was taken in moderate condition to Assaf Hafroeh Hospital. Within a half-hour of the alleged brawl in Yad Harutzim, Tel Aviv police received a report of a 26-year-old from Bat Yam in need of medical attention at a club in Rehov Hamasger. The man had also been stabbed, apparently during a fight that broke out inside the club. He was taken to Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital where he was listed in moderate condition. Around the same time, another fight broke out near a convenience store in the Gan Mayer neighborhood. Police from the Yarkon division who arrived at the scene were attacked by the youth who refused to leave. The incident began when a large number of youths attacked a security guard at a nearby club after he refused to allow them to enter because he feared that they would behave badly once inside. Police arrested six suspects who were accused of attacking police officers and disturbing the peace. In a fourth incident in Tel Aviv, at 7:45 a.m. Saturday morning, a fight broke out on Rehov Entebbe among a number of youths. During the course of the brawl, a 22-year-old from Be'er Yaakov was stabbed. He was also taken to Ichilov Hospital, where he was listed in moderate condition. Police were investigating the incident. In a fight that broke out overnight Friday in Ashdod, between two rival groups of youths in a park in the B Quarter of the city, six people were reported injured by sticks, bottles and other improvised weapons. All six were taken to Kaplan Hospital, where they were listed in good condition. Ashdod police arrested two people in their twenties under suspicion that they had been involved in the fight. A second brawl in the same city erupted among girls exiting a nightclub at Kshatot Beach. The fight spilled out of the club and continued into the parking lot. In the course of the fight, one of the participants scratched another with a sharp object, cutting her neck. She was taken for treatment to Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot. The assailant, a 20-year-old, was found to be acting under the influence of alcohol. She was detained for questioning by the police, who are investigating the causes of the fight. Earlier Friday morning, two youths were stabbed during an argument over the line for a gas pump at the busy Masmiya intersection near Kiryat Gat. The fight broke out among youths traveling in five vehicles. One youth was stabbed in the stomach, and a second suffered light injuries to his head. The two cars - one of which contained the suspected stabber - fled the scene before police arrived. Both of the stabbing victims were treated at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, where the youth who was stabbed in the stomach was listed in moderate condition, while the second was treated and released. Police investigators are still trying to uncover the identities of the brawl participants who fled the scene.