Yuval Rabin: Court's decision on Amir's son's Brit 'shameful'

Yuval Rabin, Rabin's son, criticized the Tel Aviv District Court's decision to allow Yigal Amir's son's Brit (circumcision) to be held in jail. "It is inconceivable that out of emotional imperviousness and ignorance of public opinion, the state attorney, with the backing of the attorney general and the approval of the High Court of Justice, such a shameful decision was taken by the Tel Aviv District two days ago," he said at a rally commemorating the 12th anniversary of Rabin's death. Rabin said the murderer's release was near and called on the crowd not to stand idly by. "What began with allowing [Amir] to marry, have a child and circumcise it, will end with a killer walking in our midst careless and happy. "And thus, a horrifying skit, where the main actor in the role of murderer promises: 'You know that one day I will be released' - unfolds in a reality which becomes tangible and very unfunny, a reality in which the murderer plays himself," Rabin said.