Celebrate Shavuot with a few pleasing white and rosé wines

In recent years in Israel it seems we also added white wines as one of the Shavuot customs.

White and rosé wines to enjoy over Shavuot (photo credit: Courtesy)
White and rosé wines to enjoy over Shavuot
(photo credit: Courtesy)
It is customary to dress in white and eat dairy foods in Shavuot. Why? There are a few explanations. Whatever they are, in recent years in Israel it seems we also added white wines as one of the Shavuot customs.
That makes a perfect sense, since Shavuot is also the holiday that opens the summer season (and boy were we reminded of that this last week). What better wine to drink than a well-chilled, fresh and crisp white or, this year especially, a lovely pink rosé?
Here are a few white and rosé wines that will certainly make your holiday meals more enjoyable. Happy Shavuot!
For the holiday, Barkan launches its lovely Alma Gewürztraminer from the Reserve Gold edition. The wine won the gold medal at the Best Value 2020 competition, in which it was named “The best Israeli Gewürztraminer.” The wine is aromatic and fruity, with gentle sweetness that makes it perfect not only as a dessert wine but also as an aperitif (NIS 40). Available online at blend.co.il.
The Shavuot celebration marks, among other things, the beginning of summer, as Carmel presents its collection of white wines, including the 2019 Selected Emerald Riesling-Colombard (NIS 30), the 2019 Private Collection Chardonnay (NIS 40), and the more expensive 2018 Gewürztraminer, from Carmel’s Vineyard collection (NIS 80). All of these wines offer very good value and the semi-sweet ones, the Riesling and the Gewürztraminer will accompany sharp cheeses very well.
Golan Heights
Golan Heights Winery launches a new rosé wine that joins the Yarden collection. The new 2019 rosé is made from Tinta Cao grown in the Gshor vineyard located in the southern Golan Heights. The dry light pink wine has fresh aromas of fruit such as strawberry, cherry and watermelon, as well as some floral aromas and nice acidity. Great rosé to enjoy all summer long (NIS 89).
La Foret Blanche
The quality wines from this winery that are sold online were launched on Independence Day. The wines are sold directly to customers, thus offering very good value. For Shavuot, the winery offers the Talpiot White 2018 – a blend of Viognier (80%) and Chenin Blanc from vineyards located in Mitzpe Ramon. The wine is fruity, offering a wide and pleasing body and fruity aromas. Serve as an aperitif or with a light meal (NIS 65).
The Talpiot Rosé 2019 is another very pleasing option for this summer. A blend of merlot and syrah, the pale pink color and fresh fruity aromas, as well as well-balanced acidity make this wine a perfect choice for any summer occasion (NIS 65). Delivery anywhere in the country is NIS 25, or free with purchases over NIS 199. Lfbwinery.com
Mud House Sauvignon Blanc
Imported from New Zealand, the kosher Mud House Sauvignon Blanc comes in a folded cardboard champagnier (wine-chilling bucket), a great help if you are going to have a summer’s picnic. Remove the top, add some ice and water, and the wine will stay cold. The wine is very crisp and fresh, with golden-yellow color and aromas of herbs and good acidity (NIS 79).
From Manara Vineyards located at the Upper Galilee, Recanati introduces two single-vineyard wines for this holiday: the Recanati 2018 Chardonnay Reserve and the 2019 Recanati Rosé. The Chardonnay, made in small barrels and fermented sur lie (on the lees), is elegant and rich with typical aromas of citrus and a lovely acidity and minerality. An excellent limited-edition chardonnay (NIS 95).
The classic Recanati Rosé, a blend of barbera and merlot, has rich aromas of strawberry, red grapefruit and orange blossom. Nice acidity and balance of flavors (NIS 69).
Segal also released a new 2019 Free Run Gewürztraminer for Shavuot. The wines are produced from the best and purest juice extracted from the grapes by very gentle press. The wine is especially aromatic and rich in flavor, with floral aromas of roses, fruity aromas of lychee and passion fruit, and a long finish. We enjoyed the wine with Asian noodles as well as with cheesecake (NIS 60).
From this veteran winery comes the new Rosé Essence 2019, a blend of grenache noir, mourvèdre and barbera, grown in the Ayalon Valley. Fermented in stainless steel barrels, the wine is crisp and fresh, the color very light pink, with rich aromas of strawberry and roses, balanced acidity and a very nice texture. Serve as an aperitif or with light meals (NIS 75).
From Teperberg’s Inspire Collection, try the Destitage, a white blend perfect for this holiday. A blend of mainly sauvignon blanc with some French Colombard, the wine offers an aromatic complexity with hints of red pineapple and peaches. A lovely dry and fresh white wine that will go very well with the holiday’s staple foods (NIS 60).