Parting Shot: Words are not enough

Woman with magazine don't reuse 390 (photo credit: HERNAN CHURBA)
Woman with magazine don't reuse 390
(photo credit: HERNAN CHURBA)
Sometimes a picture tells a whole story. twenty years ago this month, Iranian agents blew up the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 people and injuring 242 more. Two years later, 85 people were killed and hundreds more injured when the AMIA Jewish community center in the same city was destroyed in a second Iranian-plotted attack.
“Survivors, 20 years later” is a series of haunting pictures of survivors of the attack created by Javier Basevich and photographer Hernan Churba, including this portrait of Lea Kovensky.
I was appointed editor in chief of The Jerusalem Report in January. We hope you have noticed a change in style and content – including superb photography like this. We have updated our design, broadened our reportage and introduced new, world-class reporters, analysts and photographers to expand our talented team.
Our new Innovations section brings you the latest high-tech news. We are also planning sections on travel, food, fashion and lifestyle alongside our celebrated political and diplomatic reporting, creating a broad mix of styles and subjects in each edition.
The grim anniversary in Buenos Aires gave Diego Melamed the opportunity to reassess the current state of anti-Semitism in Argentina – a reminder that even without nuclear weapons, Iran’s regime poses a threat to international peace. As Leslie Susser reports, Israel and the US, and Israeli security chiefs among themselves, are divided over their response to Iran.
Concern about Iran and growing international outrage at the continuing bloodshed in Syria have diverted attention away from Israeli-Palestinian issues, as Linda Gradstein heard from Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in Ramallah. And while the spotlight on Egypt has faded recently, Ehud Yaari reports that the once-calm Sinai peninsula has become an ungoverned hotbed that could threaten peace.
Inside Israel, Ziv Hellman caught up with Manuel Trajtenberg, the man tasked with formulating a response to last summer’s massive tent protests against living costs. Judith Sudilovsky found a group of women artists creating an extraordinary new visual view of the Torah. Suzanne Selengut visited a Jerusalem medical clinic offering cutting-edge, holistic medical solutions for women. Shlomo Maital spoke to the young Israelis who, with little more than a laptop and a wi-fi connection, seem to conjure multi-million-dollar Internet companies from thin air.
I hope you are pleased with the new direction of the magazine and that you will continue to enjoy the unique mix of reporting and commentary about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world that you will find only in The Jerusalem Report.