Once Upon a Time in Damascus

A Syrian historical soap opera sparks nostalgia for simpler times and fans debate whether the subservient role of women should be left in the past It's the old city of Damascus in 1929, and the bickering between Fawziya and Suad is heading toward a meltdown. Fawziya has been misled by her supposed friend, another neighbor, to believe that Suad hates her, so she's been leaving trash outside Suad's door. Throughout the entire Arab world, millions of Arab viewers are enraptured. This is one of the climax scenes in the hugely popular Syrian soap opera "Bab al Hara," or "Neighborhood Gate," that aired across the Middle East during Ramadan from mid-September to mid-October. Ramadan may be over, but the "Bab al Hara" mania continues. With its slow work days and late nights, Ramadan is the season during which at least a dozen networks unveil their most elaborate productions. With television satellites covering nearly all Arab countries, viewers across the region can access the same soap operas. For full story please subscribe to The Jerusalem Report click here to subscribe.