ADL lists top 10 events affecting Jews in 2012

Spike in anti-Semitic incidents in Europe, Iran sanctions make top-ten of Anti-Defamation League's list.

un palestine 521 (photo credit: Chip East/Reuters)
un palestine 521
(photo credit: Chip East/Reuters)
A spike in anti-Semitic incidents in Europe, sanctions imposed on Iran to deter its nuclear program plans and the UN’s vote upgrading Palestine to non-member state status topped the Anti-Defamation League’s list of top 10 stories that rocked the Jewish world in 2012.
The report, which focused on events outside of the US, highlighted the reasons why 2012 was a significant, if not worrisome, year for Jews worldwide.
“While it isn’t always true, this year was a year with particular emphasis on events overseas,” explained Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director.
One of the most notable of these international events was Israel’s efforts to combat Hamas’s rockets with Operation Pillar of Defense. By the end of this eight-day conflict, more than 800 rockets hit Israel. According to the ADL, however, this conflict goes beyond Israel’s attempt to defend itself. To that end, evidence of Iran supplying weapons to Hamas, and Egypt’s role as a mediator, indicates a shift in power dynamics in the Middle East.
Coming in at No. 8 on the list is the 2012 Olympic Committee’s decision to refuse to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the athletes murdered in Munich.
The Olympic Committee denied a request to have a moment of silence for the fallen athletes due to concerns that doing so would “politicize” the games.
Such a decision, says the ADL, is a blatant example of “callousness” and “insensitivity” toward Jews. Many organizations and individuals protested the decision.
Chief among which was US sportscaster Bob Costas, President Barack Obama, and the governments of Germany, Canada and Australia.
While almost all of these incidents underscored a growing sense of anti-Semitism worldwide, the inclusion of US presidential candidates’ persistent efforts to win the Jewish vote marked one positive example of Jews being embraced outside of Israel. Republican nominee Mitt Romney visited Jerusalem this year to demonstrate his solidarity with Israel. Obama, for his part, reiterated his commitment to Israel and vowed that the American/Israeli relationship remains firm.
ADL’s complete list of incidents which affected Jews in 2012 is provided below:
1. Anti-Semitism resurgent in Europe
2. Iran sanctions and subterfuge
3. UN vote to upgrade Palestine
4. Gaza rockets met with Israeli air strikes
5. US Campaign 2012 and efforts to woo the Jewish Vote
6. Rumor Jews were behind anti-Muslim film goes viral
7. Presidential primary candidates mix religion and politics
8. 2012 Olympics Committee fails to recognize Munich
9. US Jewish community on alert as year begins, ends with anti-Semitic incidents
10. Deafening silence in face of Hamas celebrations to “destroy Israel”