The Weekly Schmooze: It's a Hanukka miracle!

The hottest Jewish news: Enough parody videos for all 8 days – from a capella to anime to Snoop Dogg as Moses.

weekly schmooze 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
weekly schmooze 311
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Faithful Schmooze readers: You may have thought that after last week's Hanukka clip show, there would not be enough videos for this week. However, a Hanukka miracle took place, and the Internet has provided enough videos to last eight days.
Let's start with the classic holiday-video trope: Musical parody. Israel's own EinPrat Fountainheads created "iHanukka," an Apple commercial spoof combined with an original song.
Next, Pella Productions teamed up with StandWithUs to support IDF soldiers following Operation Pillar of Defense. The group wrote a Hanukka song to the tune of fun.'s "Some Nights" (appropriate, because their guitarist Jack Antonoff is Jewish) mashed up with Adam Sandler's beloved "Hanukka Song" plus classic holiday songs.
Next, Matisyahu wrote an original song for Hanukkah, and is donating proceeds from sales of the single to Hurricane Sandy victims.
If you're an anime fan, check out Samurai Jew's version of the Hanukkah story:
Michael Buble might not be Jewish, but he got into the Hanukkah spirit this week, crooning the Sandler song for a TMZ paparazzo:
Next, we have an epic rap battle for the holiday season: Santa Claus vs. Moses. Moses doesn't really have anything to do with Hanukka, but he's played by Snoop Lion, the artist known as Snoop Dogg until he converted to Rastafarianism earlier this year. The result is incredibly silly and funny.
Last but not least, another non-Hanukkah video that went viral this week: HarediGangnam Style. This Yiddish spoof, with some English thrown in, was written in honor of the wedding of Eli Leno and SoriSchlafrig, which took place on the second night of Hanuka. Check out the black hat and kippa-clad crowd jump up and down to "Leno Style."
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