'UK: Man arrested for making Nazi salute to Jewish teen'

Zbinigw Lebek approached teenager in hospital, gave Nazi salute and sang the names Birkenau and Auschwitz.

swastika armband (photo credit: courtesy)
swastika armband
(photo credit: courtesy)
A 49-year-old resident of the UK was detained and tried in court after making a Nazi salute and singing the words Auschwitz and Birkenau to a Jewish teenager at a hospital in Wrexham, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday.
Police discovered a Nazi flag draped on the banister and a swastika badge in Zbinigw Lebek's apartment in the city.
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"This is a case which exemplifies all that is decent in our society and all that is rotten in our society," the Telegraph quoted Judge Nicolas Parry as saying.
Lebek admitted that his actions constituted a religiously aggravated public order offense, an offense in the UK that warrants jail time.
Lebek made the gesture while the Jewish teenager, who was a camp counselor, was taking one of his campers to the hospital because of an asthma attack, the Telegraph said.
The teenager was wearing a kippah when Lebek noticed him, made the salute and starting singing the names of the Nazi concentration camps. Lebek then approached the teen, and made the salute again.
"For no reason other than sick pleasure you humiliated him and you demeaned him," the Judge told Lebek.
"You made reference to one of the most horrific passages in the world's history, for fun."
Lebek - who was in the hospital for injuries from an assault - said according to the Telegraph that he did not remember the incident due to his injuries and the alcohol in his system.
Lebek said he was ashamed of his actions, but denied anti-Semitic views, adding that the Nazi insignia belong to his friend.
The Judge ordered the flag be destroyed.