Who is the world's most influential Jew?

In anticipation of our upcoming 2012 list of world's most influential Jews, we're turning to you to weigh in and help us decide who makes the cut.

Influential Jews (photo credit: Reuters (illustrative)  )
Influential Jews
(photo credit: Reuters (illustrative) )
Now that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has formed a coalition with Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz, some might say the move has launched him to the head the world's most influential Jews list. Others, however, might back Facebook¹s Mark Zuckerberg, who did—incidentally and impressively—top last year's Jerusalem Post's top 50 most influential Jews in the world list.
As the Post plans to publish the 2012 list in our upcoming Shavuot supplement and the May 25th Friday paper, we're looking for more contenders to make a play for the number one spot.
Could the most influential Jew today be White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew, US President Barack Obama¹s right-hand man? Or is it Bar Rafaeli, who makes heads turn with a single bat of her eyes? How about television and media tycoon, Haim Saban, who generously funds the Democratic Party? Or is it someone else altogether: an esteemed rabbi, a Jewish leader, a writer like Michael Chabon or Phillip Roth, your favorite entertainer, or a personality from another sphere of interest that deserves top spot?
What candidate would you back? Tell us who in a talkback!