ADL launches anti-boycott campaign

"That's not boycott, that's anti-Semitism" reads ad appearing in 'NY Times'.

ADL anti boycott ad 224 (photo credit: Anti-Defamation League)
ADL anti boycott ad 224
(photo credit: Anti-Defamation League)
The Anti-Defamation League has launched a new series of print and on-line advertisements aimed at combating the campaign among British trade unions to boycott Israel. "When British unions single out Israel for boycott... that's not activism, that's anti-Semitism," read one of the ads printed in The New York Times. The goal of the campaign is to point out that, in singling out Israel, the boycott campaign is more about Israel than about the rights of Palestinians. "If British journalists and university professors and doctors want to make a point for justice, there are 20 countries they could deal with," explained ADL National Director Abe Foxman. "If they included Israel [in their critique], I'd say Israel doesn't belong, but I wouldn't call it anti-Semitism. But if the only country [that is subject to criticism] in the whole world is Israel, I call it anti-Semitism." "You can't assume it's clear to everybody that this is a selective, bigoted campaign," he added. "One needs to explain it to people." Asked if he supported some calls among American Jews to launch a counter-boycott of British academic institutions, Foxman said, "We don't believe you fight boycotts with boycotts. That legitimizes earlier boycotts and ends up hurting innocent people, which is what [the UK boycott campaign] is doing."