Czech president to Peres at Tereisenstadt: We shall never forget

President Shimon Peres and his Czech counterpart Vaclav Klaus attended a ceremony at the Tereisenstadt concentration camp in the Czech Republic on Monday. "We both walked the paths of suffering, we shall never forget what the Nazis did to you and to us and we will continue moving forward on a path of understanding and hope," Klaus said. "Here in Tereisen I must reiterate that there is no forgiveness for the Holocaust. No atonement, no forgetting. And there is no 'statute of limitation.' A death can be forgotten, but murder has a long 'shelf life.' When murder and brutality come out of the sheer heart of a nation considered developed and cultural, it is a warning sign to all on how man can behave. Today, thank God, our nation can stand its ground, without fearing the murderers," Peres said. In a special gesture, Klaus arrived at the ceremony accompanied by representatives from all Czech political parties and all EU ambassadors posted in the Czech Republic. The ceremony was also attended by Holocaust survivors, righteous gentiles and representatives from the Czech Jewish community.