Eichmann passport given to Argentina Shoah museum

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The Red Cross-issued passport used by high-ranking Nazi Aldolf Eichmann as he escaped to Argentina after World War II has been turned over to the Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires after a judge stumbled up it in a musty court file. Eichmann, a leader of a campaign of mass deportation of Jews to extermination camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe during the war, fled to Argentina in 1950 under the alias "Ricardo Klement." The passport was left behind when Eichmann was abducted by Israeli agents in 1960 from a Buenos Aires suburb where he lived. He was taken to Israel, tried for crimes against humanity and hanged in 1962. Mario Feferbaum, president of the Foundation for the Memory of the Holocaust, said Tuesday that the passport would join an exhibit of photographs, letters, possessions and oral testimonies of concentration camp survivors, in a humidity-controlled display in coming weeks.