Historic New York City matza factory for sale

It is a nostalgic New York scene that is fading: Thousands of matzos a day rolling out of two ovens, shipped across America from a bakery started a century ago by a Jewish immigrant. The Streit's matzo factory is on the market for $25 millionbut "we're doing this with a heavy heart," said Aaron Gross, the great-great-grandson of founder Aron Streit, an Austrian immigrant. "We're America's last family owned matzo factory." Aron Streit started the business in 1916 on Manhattan's Lower East Side, and has expanded it over the years. Customers of the historic bakery include some of New York's famed delis, including Katz's, Carnegie Deli and the Second Avenue Deli, which also recently relocated from the neighborhood. The Madison Avenue real estate agent handling the 47,000-square-foot property, Massey Knakal, expects a developer to convert it into pricey residential or commercial space. It is a change that mirrors what is happening in the neighborhood, once populated by generations of Jews whose struggles and successes are the fabric of the American Dream.