Holocaust Educational Trust to award students

22 students to receive award at UK parliament for their innovative way of conveying impact of their Auschwitz-Birkenau visit.

auschwitz 298.88 (photo credit: )
auschwitz 298.88
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The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) will host its Lessons from Auschwitz: Student Awards event at the Houses of Parliament next Monday. Twenty-two students who visited Auschwitz-Birkenau with the Trust last November have been chosen from a group of 400 students to attend because of the innovative way they conveyed the impact of their visit, and the lessons of the Holocaust, to their school and local community. The HET was established in 1988 to educate young people from every ethnic background about the Holocaust. The Trust works in schools, universities and in the community to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust, providing teacher training, an outreach program for schools, teaching aids and resource material. HET regards one of their earliest achievements as ensuring the Holocaust formed part of the National Curriculum for History. Earlier this year, the Treasury pledged a three-year commitment to enable HET to administer a broad program of teacher training. In November 2005, Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a Treasury grant of £1.5 million to support the HET's Lessons from Auschwitz Project. This funding has enabled HET to facilitate visits to Auschwitz for two students from every school in the UK. To date, the HET has taken over 4,000 students and teachers to Auschwitz-Birkenau, as well as many Members of Parliament, government officials and journalists.