Holocaust memorial unveiled in Czech town

Site commemorates the decimated Jewish community of Usti nad Labem.

holocaust memorial 88 (photo credit: )
holocaust memorial 88
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A memorial to the victims of the Holocaust was unveiled at a former Jewish cemetery in a northern Czech town, the news agency CTK reported Sunday. The granite Star of David was unveiled Sunday at the site of the cemetery in Usti nad Labem, 100 kilometers north of Prague, in memory of more than 1,000 Jews from the town who perished in the Holocaust. Usti nad Labem had an important Jewish community between the 1860s and 1938 when the town became an important European center of trade with coal. Some 1,250 Jews lived in the town before World War II but only 195 survived the Holocaust. Usti nad Labem now has only a tiny Jewish community, and most of its members came to the town after the war.
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