Jewish Agency reaches out to Mexican aliya shlichim

30 emmissaries and their families in Mexico will be getting updates and medical advice.

mexico swine flu 248 88 ap (photo credit: )
mexico swine flu 248 88 ap
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The Jewish Agency has set up a situation room to aid its shlichim around the world in dealing with the swine flu. The situation room will primarily serve the 30 shlichim and their families in Mexico by giving them updates and medical advice. Michael Jankelowitz, a spokesman for the Jewish Agency, said the shlichim are there to help "if any Mexicans want to come to Israel, to take time out from the problem." He said that no Mexicans have yet taken the opportunity to come to Israel in light of the virus. Jankelowitz said that shlichim were kept in their posts in Mexico, "because they've got to service the community. That's their role." The shlichim have been instructed to follow local authorities' medical advice, to wear masks and to avoid leaving their homes. There have been no reported infections among the shlichim. The situation room is being managed by Moshe Shif, deputy director-general of the Jewish Agency. The Jewish Agency and the shlichim are working in conjunction with the Foreign Ministry and the Health Ministry.