Lieberman to Jewish communities: Only together we can face threats

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday sent his 61st Israel Independence Day message to the Jewish Communities around the world in English, Spanish and Russian. "As we stand and celebrate our freedom and our 61 years of independence, I would first and foremost like to share with you my deepest and most sincere desire for security, peace and the wellbeing of the Jewish people throughout the world," the foreign minister wrote. "The spirit of the Jewish people helped us win the War of Independence and establish the State of Israel, and helped us prevail against those who wished to destroy us," he continued, mentioning the many wars and thousands of terrorist attacks that have caused "nearly 25,000 casualties as well as thousands of wounded." "Now is the time for unity, both at home and abroad, because only together we will be able to face the threats posed by terrorism, anti-Israeli hatred and anti-Semitism," Lieberman said. "We must act together and in solidarity in order to ensure the continuation of the Jewish people's rights, vigor, and role in contributing to the improvement of the world we live in." Lieberman noted Israel's many achievements and its potential, along with the Jews of the Diaspora, to "contribute to the advancing of prosperity on a global scale," as well as to consolidate Jewish existence, "based on our heritage, values, and respect and dignity for all." "I look forward to meeting with you in your communities and here in Jerusalem, the eternal and undivided capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish people," the message ended. "Chag Sameach."