Likud wins - among foreign Jewish students

Mock elections conducted among Jewish students on campuses across the world.

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Students at over 85 campuses and Jewish student unions throughout North America and the world took part in a mock election to pick the new leaders of Israel as part of a program called an initiative of Upstart Activist, a Jerusalem-based education and advocacy organization.
The results of the mock election showed Binyamin Netanyahu's Likud Party winning 44 mandates ( some 37% of the total votes cast). Kadima won 33 seats, Labor-Meimad received 14 mandates, and National Union-NRP received 15 seats. The Likud would have no trouble forming a strong, right-wing coalition of 65 seats that would include UTJ and Israel Beiteinu if students in the Diaspora had a say in Israel's real elections.
This is the second mock election Upstart Activist has organized, along with partners Caravan for Democracy, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Hasbara Fellowships of Aish HaTorah, the Jewish Agency for Israel, World Union of Jewish Students, and the Bureau of Jewish Education Rhode Island. The results of the first, conducted in conjunction with Israel's 2003 general election, closely mirrored those of the actual election, with Ariel Sharon's Likud party emerging victorious.