New York PD hires first hassidic cop

NY Post: 24-year-old Joel Witriol wants to help his community.

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The New York Police Department has hired its first hassidic cop, the New York Post reported in its feature article on Tuesday morning. According to the article, 24-year-old Joel Witriol, a Brooklyn Talmud student with a degree from the United Talmudical Seminary in Monroe, decided to join the police department following a positive experience in the NYPD's auxiliary. While volunteering for the auxiliary, Witriol said, "I saw a lot of things that were going on in the precinct." To his surprise, police officers "are not only locking up people, but they are helping people, too. I figured it's a good future." Witriol received an exemption on religious grounds to the police's hairstyle regulations, and would not be required to work on the Sabbath and Jewish holidays. According to the Post, Witriol, who has worked at various part-time jobs, saw police work as an interesting occupation. "I realized there were so many things you could do [as a cop] - everything from community service to fighting narcotics." For Witriol, "Every day [as a cop] is different."