Non-profits to gather in Jaffa to examine their future

Charities, social action groups from Jewish world to hear from professionals who will guide them on improving their services.

jaffa coastline 248.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
jaffa coastline 248.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A host of charities and social action organizations from across the Jewish world will gather in Jaffa Monday to discuss the future of their field and hear from a wide range of professionals who will guide them on improving their services.
FONSI – Future of Non Profit Summit-Israel is a follow up to a similar event held recently in New York and is an initiative of REACH3K, a company that consults non-profits on their development and fundraising strategies and CAUSIL, a New York-based organization that helps brands, organizations and individuals engage in the best practices of communications, marketing and technology.
“The goal is to bring together some of the best professionals, innovators, lay leaders, organizations, brands and other passionate people to explore tools and ideas for improving individual nonprofits as well as the entire third sector as a whole,” said Shoshana Jaskoll, REACH3K’s co-founder.
The event is to be held at the Nalaga’at Theater in Jaffa and will include sessions to help non-profits achieve publicity and fundraising success in the face of contemporary challenges posed by the economic downturn and new trends in social and traditional media.
“The world of charitable giving and running an organization has changed dramatically in recent years and non-profits are seeking the tools to remain competitive and in line with the latest trends,” Jaskoll added. “One of our goals is also to bring together Israel’s leading thinkers and experts in this field for a day that will focus heavily on practical methods to address these changes.”