‘Occupy Judaism’ condemns NY's Bloomberg

"The mayor’s actions reflect neither Jewish, nor American, nor human values," activists say after protesters evicted.

Occupy Judaism 311 (photo credit: twitter)
Occupy Judaism 311
(photo credit: twitter)
NEW YORK – Following the overnight eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park, Jewish protesters issued statements Tuesday morning expressing solidarity with the movement generally.
“Occupy Judaism stands shoulder to shoulder with the Occupy Wall Street protesters,” read a statement released on the Occupy Judaism Facebook page. “We are outraged by [New York City] Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg’s contempt for the rights of American citizens and his use of public health and safety to justify beating and macing nonviolent protesters. The mayor’s actions reflect neither Jewish, nor American, nor human values.
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You cannot evict an idea [that’s] time has come. You cannot evict 99% of America.
You cannot evict 99% of humanity.”
Members of Occupy Judaism met with the broader faithbased contingent of protesters, Occupy Faith, Tuesday morning at Judson Memorial Church downtown to discuss their future course of action, including finding space for demonstrators and dealing with the challenges posed by the increasing presence of homeless people at the protests.
Occupy Faith groups and leaders were scheduled to meet and hold a rally at Foley Square in downtown Manhattan, by the US Federal Courthouse, later that afternoon, with word disseminated via Twitter and Facebook. Another rally was set up for Thursday.
“Calling on all faith leaders to speak out, to open their doors to occupiers and to be present for Thursday’s mobilization,” read a Tweet sent out Tuesday morning.
Daniel Sieradski, a protester involved in Occupy Judaism, said he felt that Bloomberg’s crackdown attempts would only invigorate the protests.
“People’s outrage at the suppression of civil rights feeds our movement like Miracle- Gro,” Sieradski said.