Police arrest 8 suspects in Yemeni Jew's murder

Authorities say religion among possible motives for killing of Moshe Nahari, won't rule out other options.

Yemenite authorities arrested eight suspects in connection with the murder of Moshe Yaish Nahari, a Jewish resident of Riydah, Israel Radio reported on Saturday. Sources told Al Quds al-Arabi that Thursday's killing was likely to have been religiously motivated, but that other motives were still possible and therefore an investigation would continue. An official state announcement regarding the incident had yet to be made, the report said. On Friday, Yemeni police arrested a suspected Muslim extremist for allegedly shooting Nahari. Said Jacob, a friend of the Nahari family, confirmed the 39-year-old Jewish man was gunned down but did not know the identity of the assailants. Most of Yemen's roughly 400 remaining Jews live in Riydah. The poor country at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula once had tens of thousands of Jews, but most have emigrated.