Stabbing thwarted at Kiev synagogue

Security guards heard would-be assailant shout 'All Jews should be killed.'

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knife 88
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Security guards at the central synagogue in Kiev thwarted an attempted stabbing Friday evening. The would-be stabber, who appeared to be in his 60s, arrived at the synagogue and asked to speak with the rabbi. When they were alone, the man brandished a knife and shouted that "all Jews should be killed." The guards pulled off the assailant and alerted the police, who took the man into custody. No one was wounded in the incident. Three weeks ago, a drunken skinhead stabbed eight Jews, seriously wounding one, at the Chabad Bronnaya synagogue in Moscow. Both Russia and Ukraine have seen an increase in the number of violent anti-Semitic incidents over the last year, according to statistics to be released Wednesday by the Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism.