The 75th UJC General Assembly in Los Angeles: November 12-15, 2006

pro israel rally in la 2 (photo credit: AP)
pro israel rally in la 2
(photo credit: AP)
Together on the front line: One people, one destiny
  • This year's GA to heavily focus on Israel Reporter on the scene
  • Good for the non-Jews too
  • My first face-to-face with organized American Jewry
  • Sunday evening in Chicago Israel-Diaspora relations
  • Diaspora's future depends on Israel, by Binyamin Netanyahu
  • Israel-Diaspora relations took a turn for the better after war
  • Chief Rabbi Amar mends bridges with Diaspora rabbis
  • Editorial: Teach about Diaspora The war in Lebanon
  • The second Lebanon war: special report
  • UJC review of assistance for North angers JA
  • Immigrant soldiers share war stories with Olmert
  • US immigrant Levin was adamant about serving in Lebanon The Iranian threat
  • US official: Israel unlikely to bomb Iranian nuclear sites
  • Horovitz: Tackle Teheran or face A-bomb Ahmadinejad
  • Olmert: World too slow in standing up to Iran
  • Poll: US Jews want Israel to attack Iran nukes Aliya
  • US Congressmen urge Olmert not to restrict rate of Ethiopian aliya
  • Many Israelis living abroad mull returning home
  • JA Chairman Bielski: Aliya to increase 9% in 2006
  • Arrivals: From Baltimore and Toledo to Beersheba Jewish world
  • Unit for Jewish compensation from Arab countries to be reestablished
  • Jewish learning on the rise in Tel Aviv
  • Yielding to haredi pressure, Amar cancels agunot conference