Yeshiva student murdered in Ukraine

Body reportedly found in 10 pieces; police suspect anti-Semitism.

A Chabad student was murdered two weeks ago in the Ukraine and his body was cut up into ten pieces, according to reports released to the media on Saturday night. Police were reportedly investigating whether the murder was an act of anti-Semitism.
Haredi news sources reported that the victim, Aryeh Leib Misinzov, was a 25-year-old student at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Kiev.
Police found pieces of Misinzov's body in a suburb of the Ukrainian capital, sources said, adding that he was kidnapped and murdered by a gang member on Hitler's birthday.
The gang leader was reportedly undergoing questioning by Kiev police.
On Sunday, haredi news sources reported that Misinzov himself was involved in organized crime.
According to Chabad sources, the Ukrainian chief rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Reuvein Asman, was in Israel at the time of the murder, and cut his trip short in order to arrange for the body's release and burial.