A forecast for the New Year

Psychic Adi Ashkenazi uses her intuitive powers and connection to the metaphysical world to weigh in on 2012.

2012 (photo credit: Thinkstock/imagebank)
(photo credit: Thinkstock/imagebank)
A former lawyer, Adi Ashkenazi made a significant career change and has been working as a medium for the past 10 years. That is, she connects between the two worlds and orchestrates a process of mediation between the living and the dead. She appears nationwide on a show called Dying to Talk.
Ashkenazi does not describe herself as a mystic or fortune teller but a medium, meaning that she creates the connection between worlds. Accordingly, she calls her practice A Connection with the World Beyond.
In light of the New Year, she tells Jerusalem Post readers about her forecasts for the upcoming year in Israel and worldwide.
What is your forecast for the New Year? Every year 2012 has its pluses and minuses, but as the year advances, starting from June 2012, the changes will be more extreme. This year we will see a change of mentality rather than the end of the world. The Mayan and Archimedes prophecies speak of the destruction of the world in 2012. It is true that an era is coming to an end and  therefore there’s a feeling of an ending, but we are entering an age that will bring us to a better place.
What about the weather conditions? The weather will surprise us, though less in Israel than in Europe and parts of America, where nature will lash out with floods and earthquakes. In Israel we will have harsher heat waves, but I don’t foresee anything that will destroy the country. No substantial earthquakes are predicted here.
What revolutions might we expect? The Arab world will be busier with its internal affairs and will continue to examine its problems at home. This domestic revolution will also find expression in Iran. These are changes whose beginning we are already witnessing. We are moving toward an age in which imitation and phoniness will no longer exist. This applies not only to one people but to all humanity.
What should we expect in the economic sphere? We are entering an age where the individual will be at the top, so the economy will change. In 2012, the middle class will rise to fame. People will realize that it is they who have the power, not the tycoons. In terms of the economy, A things will be difficult. The recession is global, and Israel is joining this general phenomenon. In Europe I see fire and smoke in the economic sphere, and I won’t be surprised if the euro falls apart. From June, the EU will really be divided, with an uneasy recession. But this recession has a purpose, and it will eventually bring prosperity to the entire world.
Is there a connection with the social revolution? Certainly, since not only 10 percent of the capitalists will enjoy the fruit -- everyone will. In this sense, we are on the verge of an amazing era. Part of the change is happening because people are tired, whether it is the average person in Cairo, New York or Tel Aviv. Everyone wants to have a happy family. This is a process of change, and the events will always be internal. In the US, rage will be voiced. And in Israel too, the social protest that’s been silenced will make a big comeback.The result will be that the middle class will assume a respectable place in the forefront of the leadership.

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