Alternatively Speaking: Love is in the air

Alternative medicine enthusiast Marx answers your questions: Are there any natural remedies to help mend a broken heart?

Heart made from flowers (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Heart made from flowers
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Q. Hi Natalie, My husband and I have been trying for a few months to have children. My gynecologist ensures me that I have no structural problems. She says it may be an hormonal imbalance. I want to avoid taking the IVF route. Are there any herbs that can help improve fertility?
A. There are many wonderful herbal remedies to help boost levels of both female and male fertility. For centuries, red clover has been hailed as a fantastic herbal aid for its effectiveness in improving fertility. It works to relax the reproductive organs, therefore increasing the chance of pregnancy.
An additionally helpful because it’s high in many vitamins including calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. These vitamins help set the body in optimum health, giving women the best advantage at becoming pregnant. You can drink red clover tea daily.
A beautiful complimentary herb to take along side red clover is Raspberry Leaf. This herb targets the uterine muscles, creating a healthier environment for implantation. Drinking Raspberry Leaf tea will also increase blood flow to your reproductive organs, thereby enhancing your fertility. 
My preferred choice when dealing with imbalanced hormone levels is Agnus Castus (Vitex or Chaste tree berry). It works to stimulate the proper functioning of the pituitary gland which controls the hormones. Many women I treat who have irregular menstrual cycles have seen amazing results after just a couple of months. Once the reproductive system is balanced it will help encourage ovulation and therefore increase your chances of fertility.
False Unicorn is also a trusted fertility herb which has been used by women for centuries. Gentle on the system, it helps to alkalize organs in your body. From a fertility perspective, a less acidic environment is healthier for sperm. It’s also commonly termed as the “female reproductive tonic.” To prepare, take one to two grams of the root or one-half to one teaspoon of liquid extract in a tea, up to three cups per day.
Q. Dear Natalie, this may sound rather ridiculous, but I recently broke up with my partner of two years. I am experiencing deep sadness and loss and feel as if it’s hard to break away from it.  Are there any natural remedies to help mend a broken heart?
A.  Indeed you are experiencing a common feeling among most who go through any kind of loss in this way. The Bach Flower remedies developed by Dr. Edward Bach can certainly help to support you during this “letting go” period so that you find it easier to transition from the deep connection you had. The simple flower liquid preparations work to shift those unwanted negative thoughts, emotions and attitudes back into positive ones.
Since each of us experiences grief and loss differently, proper dosage and accurate selection of the indicated essence is critical for this remedy's success. Results can be observed within a few days; as you continue to take the formula, you will begin to notice a deeper more profound healing effect take place.
I would begin with the lower essence Walnut. Walnut helps to ease the transition period and break those initial ties to your past relationship. Since you are feeling sadness and loss, I suggest then taking the essence Star of Bethlehem since it is also indicated to soothe the heart. Especially in instances when the breakup comes as a shock, Star of Bethlehem can help you to recuperate.
If you are crying a lot and there is a sense of hopelessness, you should take Sweet Chestnut. This will lighten up the feeling of gloom and reinstall your feeling of hope. In instances of anger and uncontrollable rage take the essence Cherry Plum to bring balance and calm back. Holly Essence assists in diminishing the feeling of jealousy and revenge that you may be feeling. This essence will allow for you to be able to open your heart once again.
There are 38 Bach Flower remedies in total. Rather than try to guess which essence is most suited for you, I recommend speaking to a Bach Flower Practitioner. These professionals can help guide you to find the underlying reasons for your unhappy heart and thereby help you find your matching essence.
Carry the Bach Flower remedy with you at all times and take the drops minimum four times a day. Once you start to notice the essences working, you can reduce the dosage, and resume again should you feel any setbacks.
Q. Natalie, I want to plan a romantic meal for my partner on Valentines day. Are there any natural aphrodisiacs that I can add or use in a recipe that can help get us in the mood?
A.  Certain foods, as well as being nutritious, can have a direct effect on your sexual activity due to the effect that they have on energy levels, hormonal levels and chemical activity within the brain. You can begin by using basil to flavor either soup, salads or any sauces you plan to make. Basil herbs can be used both dry and fresh. Basil has a range of libido enhancing nutrients, as well as an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, beta carotene and Vitamin C. Once considered one of earth’s most sacred plants, basil was seen by the Romans as a symbol of love.
Another stimulating aphrodisiac is the popular spice Cardamon. To increase sexual virility you can try a pinch of powdered cardamon seeds in boiled milk and sweetened with honey.
Honey is another food that is typically associated with being an aphrodisiac. It has several B vitamins which are required for testosterone and also for reducing stress, therefore increasing the sexual drive.
No Valentine meal would be complete without a serving of chocolate! Researchers have studied chocolate and found it to contain phenylethylamine and serotonin. Both these produce a natural euphoric feeling and are responsible for making us feel happy or in the mood for love.
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