Alternatively Speaking: Post doughnut detox

Alternative medicine expert Natalie Marx answers your questions: Any homeopathic remedies that can help a deep-fried hangover?

Doughnuts 521 (photo credit: Dan Peretz)
Doughnuts 521
(photo credit: Dan Peretz)
Q. Dear Natalie, during the Hanukka holiday it is difficult to avoid eating all the various fried foods available. Are there any good homeopathic remedies that can help me to detox?A. Our body's immune system is in a constant battle against toxins and stress. This can leave our immune system weak, which is why it is so important to take care of the kinds of food we eat and the kind of lifestyles we lead.
Hanukka is a time where we tend to indulge on fried foods, which can be the cause for many of today’s modern ailments. Our low energy levels and skin irritations may be the symptoms of toxicity since the toxins accumulate into our blood and organs, causing stress on our immune system.
Homeopathic remedies for body detoxification work to improve blood circulation, support healthy weight management, restore healthy energy levels, repair damaged skin, support healthy liver functioning and most importantly support a healthy immune system, which results in less diseases.
The following homeopathic remedies work to trigger the body's natural excretory processes. Therefore the body is detoxifying itself in a natural way.
These treatments can be done as a one off health “tune-up” or on a regular basis to maintain an optimal immune system function. When accurately prescribed, the medicines are not dangerous and will support the body to return to balance without side effects.
Specifically for overeating fried foods, I would consider the homeopathic remedy Berberis. It’s a detoxifying liver tonic and acts upon the veins relating to the kidney and liver systems.
NuxVomica is most commonly prescribed for people who have overindulged either overeating or with alcohol consumption affecting primarily the liver and digestive systems. Often after eating a sufficient amount of junk food we can feel congested. The remedy HeparSulph helps with any congestion, glandular swellings and mucous membranes.
Finally, I highly recommend the remedy Taraxacum which has been known for centuries as the pillar of detox herbs. Taraxacum can effectively remove toxins from every cell in the body. It works by assisting the liver in detoxification.
Make sure when you are carrying out a detox that you drink plenty of water to allow the kidneys to effectively filter the toxins. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber. Try also if you can to minimize stress to help the immune system in its natural function. Exercise regularly as increased sweat and respiration also helps excrete toxins through the lungs and skin.Q. Dear Natalie, I suffer from terrible vertigo in the mornings. I feel as if my head is spinning like a dreidel! I have been to my doctor and he told me that I am fine. Can you recommend any herbal remedies that can help this dizziness?A. My favorite remedy for treating vertigo is cayenne. It is commonly prescribed as a blood flow stimulator and its active ingredient is for the mechanism of action. I suggest taking between 40 to 120 mg of cayenne two to three times a day. Other nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, and carotenoids and flavonoids also help improve vertigo.
I frequently prescribe Ginger to alleviate dizziness. Try drinking ginger tea two to three times a day to relieve any dizziness or nausea associated with the vertigo. Peppermint also helps to alleviate vertigo symptoms. It works with nerve endings in your stomach to counter the effects of vertigo. Although it sounds simple, make sure you are drinking enough fluids to prevent dehydration which can lead to episodes of vertigo. Moving more slowly when changing position can also help reduce feelings of vertigo. The sudden change of body position can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure.
Q. Dear Natalie, how can I prepare fried food during Hanukka in the healthiest way possible?
A. Let us not forget that fats are an essential part of a healthy diet, and do play an important role in providing energy and transporting vitamins through our bodies. However, since they are high in calories they are often linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
It isn't necessary to use large amounts of oil to create crispy and tasty food. The secret key is to use oil sparingly. Begin by using nonstick cooking spray whenever possible. One coat of non-stick cooking spray can be enough for frying foods and has no calories.
The type of pan that you fry with is also very important. I encourage frying foods with non-stick, high quality cookware. Look for thick, sturdy pans since they do not damage when oil is heated at a high temperature. Use only the smallest amount of oil necessary when frying foods. Preferably use the more heart-healthy oils such as olive oil or canola oil. Never try frying foods at a medium temperature. The lower the temperature the more likely it will be that the food will absorb the oil and become soggy rather than crispy. If you have a meat thermometer, heat the oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and more.This column is brought to you as general information only and unless stated otherwise is not medical advice nor is it based on medical experiments. This column is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. For more information about specific problems, please contact a doctor.
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