Ancient and relevant

Dalit Harel started her career at H. Stern in a field position and today she is the company’s vice president.

diamond ring _311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
diamond ring _311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Assertiveness, diligence and persistence are qualities that are proven to be very valuable in life, and twice as much when it comes to a career. Dalit Harel, who is married and the mother of three, is the vice president of the international jewellery company H. Stern.
"I’ve been working in the company for about 20 years," says Harel. “I started out in field work and public relations for hotels when the Brazilian-based company was still small in the Israeli market. At the time, the jewellery stores were located only in hotels and at Duty Free centers. I advanced to nationwide PR, and then the company underwent a dramatic change in terms of its design and marketing strategies. It was 15 years ago that we opened a store in the Ramat Aviv Mall in Israel. Roberto Stern, the company’s president, was responsible for the change.
The H. Stern Company, which was founded in 1945 in Rio de Janeiro by Hans Stern, focuses on designing and manufacturing unique and especially luxurious jewellery.
The headquarters are still in Rio, and the company remains under the ownership of the Stern family. In Brazil the company does everything from stone mining to the choice of concepts and manufacturing.
Abroad, H. Stern leads fashion trends. In Israel, the chain of upscale stores is .spread across the country
What characterizes H. Stern’s current collection?
The latest catalogue is called Ancient America and it features motifs and colors that characterize South America. The collection’s design was inspired by the Pre- Colombian era, so it incorporates animal motifs. This is a successful collection that draws from the world of nature in a symbolic and subtle manner. For instance, a ring that twists around one’s finger, evoking a snake; fish scales or a turtle’s back; and panther and condor-like elements. The ad campaign is led by actress Katie Holmes, wearing bronze-brown shades of makeup that bring to mind the Pre-Colombian era and create a chic, nonchalant look without showing off.
What collaborations has the company formed in recent years?
One was with architect Oscar Niemeyer, who inspired the company’s design of jewellery in straight lines, resembling buildings and sketches. We also collaborated with fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg.
The jewellery incorporates letter engravings in her handwriting on gold, with Buddhist symbols that are meaningful to her. These pieces have received great acclaim. We launched a partnership with Grupo Corpo, a Brazilian dance group.
The jewellery's designs were inspired by behind-the-scenes elements and stage lighting. The result is jewellery with a lot of movement and round lines that are integrated beautifully. We’ve also had a partnership with the Campana Brothers, who are product designers. And every year, we try to collaborate with designers.
A It gives the jewellery pieces an additional .value and a story behind them
What are the predominant materials today?
The current catalogue has gold and pink, integrated, for instance, in panther circles, with black diamonds on top. Black diamonds are also leading an entire trend of their own. In addition, you will see satin finishes on gold jewellery and brushed items. In light of all the changing trends, when you choose an expensive piece of jewellery it’s important to remember that jewellery should be wearable for many .years; therefore, it should also be classic.