Holiday In: Pocket full of hamentashen

What are some of the best bakeries offering for Purim?

Hamentashen 311 (photo credit: Arcaffe)
Hamentashen 311
(photo credit: Arcaffe)
Filled with meringue, nuts or dried fruit, made from regular or wholewheat flour, with or without sugar – we’ve collected some of the new tastes of hamentashen offered by bakeries around the country.
Piece of Cake – Moshe Ahuvi and his Jaffa-based bakery boast a vast handmade variety of hamentashen and poppy seed Purim cakes. The collection includes traditional fillings, whole wheat with sesame and nuts, fruit fillings, dates, chocolate, pistachio and almond fillings as well as sugar-free poppy seeds, to name but a few.
Prices range from NIS 35 for 500 grams of traditional to NIS 32 for 330 grams for the rest. Yeast hamentashen are NIS 70 for a kilogram.
Rehov Yehuda Hayamit 17, Jaffa, (03) 682-2163
Arcaffe – Arnon Cohen offers handmade delicate hamentashen with many surprising fillings such as ricotta and chestnuts. The cookies are small, very light and the pastry not too sweet. Four different mini-packs of 300 grams are sold for NIS 38, and one cookie for NIS 8.

Bleecker Bakery – Oren Becker’s chain has prepared a very large collection of hamentashen this year: sugar-free, highfiber version, chocolate, jam and traditional fillings such as dates and poppy seed.
Others are almond filling, chocolate and poppy seed and nut filling. The hamantashen are packed in triangular boxes with a window, making a perfect “Purim box.”
Four different kinds (15 pieces in each, 350 gr.), including nuts and poppy seeds, chocolate, sesame, nuts, brown sugar and fiber, NIS 37. Sugarless NIS 39.
Tatti Bread – Barry Sayag offers many new and different fillings as well as traditional ones, with no-eggs dairy short pastry.
You can get traditional fillings as well as poppy seed-citrus, Belgian chocolate, sweet cheese, nuts and spices. NIS 9.90 for 100 gr.
(03) 539-2500
Biscotti – offers combinations of fruit and spices, as well as the more traditional flavors, strawberry, ginger-cinnamon, white chocolate and nut cream fillings. NIS 29 for 300 gr. (16 to 18 cookies).
Rehov Hayarkon 67, Bnei Brak, (03) 5704015,
Dallal bakery – offers both classic yeast hamantashen filled with poppy seeds, vanilla and chocolate chips, and short pastry ones filled with traditional poppy seeds and with baked chocolate cream, almond and date cream, pistachio and cherry fillings.
NIS 36 for 14 pieces, and NIS 3 for each yeast hamantash.
Rehov Kol Yisrael Haverim 7, Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv, (03) 510-9292.

Idelson 10 – offers handmade hamantashen in the traditional versions as well as chocolate pastry with halva fillings (NIS 16 for 100 gr.). They offer special Purim baskets with other sweets, including éclairs, tartlets and other delicacies. Order in advance.
Rehov Ben-Yehuda 252, Tel Aviv, and other locations, (03) 529-9295.
Roladin – offers a very rich selection of short pastry hamantashen filled with pralines, chocolate, hazelnuts, peanut butter, almonds, liqueurs and other combinations. There are also a few sugar-free options (NIS 36.90 for 450 gr.), and they all taste surprisingly good. NIS 9.50 for 100 gr. (pictured on cover)
(09) 899-9927,
Pillsbury – You can buy these in many supermarkets and they are actually very good. This year Pillsbury offers different sizes and fillings, in both dairy and parve versions. New versions include Rosmarie chocolate and halva fillings, and chocolate pastry. Prices range from NIS 32.90 for a kg. to NIS 36.90 for the mini size, and butter cookies at NIS 49.90 for a kg.
Get it at Ribua Kahol chain, AMPM, Shufersal, Rami Levy and Tiv Ta’am.