Israel the Beautiful: Do go chasing waterfalls

Photographer Yehoshua Halevi captures some of Israel's most breathtaking natural waterfalls.

Waterfall DO NOT REPUBLISH (photo credit: Yehoshua Halevi)
(photo credit: Yehoshua Halevi)
Water in motion is hypnotic, especially when tumbling over a rocky precipice. The wonder of photography is that water can be stopped dead in its tracks for a tack sharp image with beads of mist suspended in midair, or left to flow in front of an open shutter, to appear white and silky and unlike anything the naked eye can perceive. 
From the rocky canyons of the desert to the mountains of the North, Israel boasts numerous waterfalls, many more than 10 meters in height. Fed by winter rains, they are best viewed from December through March. Many are easily accessible by foot and even car. All of them are worth the effort to witness the power and drama of this precious resource as it makes its way from sky to sea.  This gallery features several of Israel’s more well-known falls captured through a variety of photographic techniques.
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