LA chef rolls out world's largest felafel ball

Weighing in at 52.8 pounds, measuring 12.5 inches high, chickpea champion brings pride to the Santa Clarita, California Jewish community.

Humous 311 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem / The Jerusalem Post)
Humous 311
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem / The Jerusalem Post)
While Lebanon may hold the record for the world's biggest bowl of hummus, a Jewish American chef has conjured up a colossal felafel ball worthy of its accompaniment. Los Angeles residents Dawn Walker and her husband Dan have managed to create the world's largest felafel ball, the Los Angeles Daily News reported on Sunday.
The gigantic garbanzo masterpiece, cooked at the Santa Clarita Valley Jewish Food and Cultural Festival, weighed in at an impressive 52.8 pounds, and measured 12.5 inches high.
Seeking a traditional, but large version of the crumbly chick pea snack, Dawn and Dan worked with store-bought felafel mix and a portable barbecue to produce the massive treat. The previous record, held by an Israeli chef in New York, had weighed in at 24 pounds. That felafel, a hockey-puck shaped 24-pound creation was no match for Dawn and Dan's spherical felafel. According to Dawn, they were going for the more traditional look.
At least 2,000 onlookers stood nearby hoping to get a gaze and even better a bite of the massive piece.  Needless to say, Dawn was proud of her triumphant felafel. "We're going to frame it...shellac it, put it in our living room." she told the Daily News. "We'll be smelling felafel forever."
Unfortunately for the observers, they would have to remain just that. California health regulations would not allow fair-goers to taste the chickpea trophy. However, this didn't stop pride on the side of fair organizers. Chair of the festival Sandi Hershenson told the Daily News "I think it's fabulous."
"We are celebrating the joys of Jewish culture."