Market Watch: Earthly goods

The freshest olive oils, vitamin enriched lip balm, and mineral-rich, local salts are just a few of this week's selections.

Pillsbury Bread (photo credit: Courtesy)
Pillsbury Bread
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Stone-baked bread Pillsbury is introducing a new line of French breads that are simply great. The Rustic French Breads are crusty outside and soft inside, made according to traditional French recipes with natural ingredients only and no additives or artificial color. Slow kneading and stone-oven baking ensure the best results. The first in the line are the Rustic baguette and the wholewheat baguette. NIS 6 to NIS 7 at all Ribua Kahol stores and AM-PM.
Fresh olive oil Unlike wine, olive oil should be consumed when it is as fresh as possible. One of the best oils produced in Israel last fall is Shamna. Grown, picked and pressed by a family-owned operation in Moshav Hagor, the Shamna oils from 2011 are of the highest quality. Produced using the Italian “one squeeze” method, the result is rich, aromatic and flavorful olive oil. Among the first to hit the market is the Barnea- Pisholin. A great-tasting blend of a local and a French olive, it has a buttery taste, combined with some bitterness and a slight spiciness. It is preferred by chefs for both cooking and dressings. When purchased on the moshav, the prices are lower (two liters cost NIS 85 instead of NIS 99, for example). Tel: (03) 903-3380, Worth its salt Not all salt is the same. Many recipes call for Atlantic salt and other kinds. Salt of the Earth (Melah Ha’aretz), a local salt company, now sells salt produced from the clear waters of the Red Sea, produced in pools near the northern beach of Eilat Bay. According to the company, the clear water and dry climate create an exciting new salt that is rich in minerals. Sold in ready-to-use 250 gr. (NIS 5.50) and 500 gr. (NIS 6.70) containers and in 1 kg. boxes (NIS 6.50).
A feel-good gift
Wonder what to bring your friends who have a cold or the flu? Kleenex has packed its tissues in a special gift box, complete with the words “Feel good” printed inside a blue heart. Very nice. NIS 6 for a box of 50.
For the young
Should we or shouldn’t we take multivitamin supplements? There are many contradictory research reports, so our guess is – do it wisely. Centrum has launched Performance, a mineral-rich multivitamin for young, active adults. It promises to answer the needs of stressed and overworked active young people who are not eating properly or enough. It contains B group vitamins, antioxidants, ginseng, Ginkgo-biloba and more. NIS 149.90 for 60 tablets. Available at pharmacies around the country.
Lip protection
Dr. Or has launched ACU-LIP stick, which is designed to provide protection and intensive hydration with SPF15 for protection against UVA and UVB. Dr. Or is a local cosmetics brand recommended by dermatologists. Its new vitamin E enriched lip balm provides instant relief for dry, chapped lips, which is especially needed in the winter. NIS 35. On sale at Superpharm for NIS 30 until the end of February.
Smooth from tip to toe
Another cosmetic product for the cold winter days is the Kamedis Topic Rich Gel, an extra-rich gel for the treatment of dryness and cracks in the palms and feet. The gel by Kamedis, a company that specializes in products for atopic and sensitive skin, is based on herbal essences known for their anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as hydrating ingredients. Available at all pharmacies and health-food stores. NIS 60.
Tefal’s new Air Bake non-stick baking sheets (and pans) are great to bake with and save on the use of parchment paper (but then you have to wash the pan). A layer of air sandwiched between two aluminum sheets helps prevent over-baking and cuts down on baking time. Dishwasher safe but so easy to clean, why bother?