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Dr. Nava Boym offers her clients naturopathic and homeopathic treatments for a variety of therapeutic and cosmetic ailments.

Nava Boym & Family (photo credit: Courtesy)
Nava Boym & Family
(photo credit: Courtesy)
How does a woman who developed a successful jewelry family business become a Chinese medicine expert, naturopath and homeopath? Dr. Nava Boym has come a long and interesting way since founding her clinic, which is a family business in all senses. Although she was raised in a home where healthy food and staying in shape were basic principles, it was only when her second son was born that her life changed. In an interview with Gleam, she reveals her special methods.
"When my firstborn son was three, my son Idan was born and our lives changed. His trachea was unusually narrow, and we spent a year running to emergency rooms. In the 1980s, natural medicine was not yet an accepted treatment method, but after my father developed an inflammation in his elbow, we went to Dr. Moshe Olshevsky, who changed our lives. He said that there are other variables that must be considered in the body and sent Idan to have a hair examination, a scientific check-up that is now the mainstay at my clinic. After being treated with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, my son recovered."
How did you get into the field of homeopathy?The jewelry business was no longer challenging enough for me, so I decided to .switch to the world of medicine I wanted what we had as a young family, an alternative approach to medicine. I studied for four years at a college for alternative medicine in Tel Aviv, where Dr. Olshevsky was the dean. I studied homeopathy and medicinal plants and did my doctorate in naturopathy. That’s also when my youngest child, Ziv, was born.
What is your expertise today?Today I specialize in problems of the digestive system. However, my uniqueness is that I have a broad outlook and an emotional and mental connection with the physical problem. The clinic is not only alternative but also integrative. I also look for the source of specific symptoms. I spot the difficulty and raise the awareness in the treatment, why the organ is unwell, in order to prevent the possibility of additional illness.
The clinic has positive energy, with a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. I am motivated by benevolence, not obligation. The result is a pleasant atmosphere, which is not at all institutional or cold or intimidating. What examinations are performed at the clinic?
The examinations are scientific in all senses. They include blood tests and hair and fingernail examinations. An oxygen machine is used in almost every treatment. A person suffering from anxiety or is in a state of distress receives an additional dimension, improves it and achieves results faster. The process is quicker and more peaceful.
We use a laser for skin problems. There’s a vibrating machine for patients who have trouble walking, which sends blood to the lymphatic system. Our crowning glory is the hair and nail examination, a scientific exam that provides a naturopathic treatment strategy. The hair examination shortens treatment time, as it identifies the problems. It works well for neurological conditions, depression, anxiety, memory problems and ADHD. This check-up is life-changing.
There are also eyeball, tongue, nail and pulse diagnoses. You always have to find the root of the problem, not just the superficial symptoms. I offer medical amnesia, emphasizing the role played by the emotional and mental aspects.My treatment strategy consists of a few spheres.
In addition, I developed a nutritional therapy method called An Experience in Green, according to which every week a different organ is cleansed. I personalize the method and add different elements to it. Since nowadays we have an abundance of tools, patients also have to do homework, such as yoga or chi kung. This way, they can benefit from real treatment and help themselves.
What formulas have you developed?
Since I deal with a lot of people, I prescribe different formulas. I devised the Queen of Mushrooms, Maitake, which strengthens the immune system and relieves pain. It is also suitable for infants. Once I had developed this formula, I felt that God was smiling on me. It can be taken on a daily basis, 15 drops a day. It’s good for combating stomach viruses. The formula is unique in that it isn’t based on alcohol or sugar, is suitable for pregnant women and is even tasty.
I also created a kit for cleansing the body, which leads to weight loss, and another formula that combats stomach bloating.
What is your cosmetic line?
The beauty that radiates on the outside is the product of the body’s hard work on the inside. Patients who start getting medical treatment with us can also receive aesthetic treatment. This way, they can obtain the total look: treatment inside and a radiant look on the outside. We perform cosmetic acupuncture with hyaluronic acid. As a result of my love for research and innovation, I have developed certain creams. For instance, I have a cream with snail mucous that softens the skin and can eliminate traces of sores and infections.
How are your sons involved in the business?
Saar, my eldest son, is a professional Chinese medicine therapist. He did his internship in China and California. Idan is the administrative director and product manager, and he’s in charge of packaging. Each one found his own niche within the system.
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