Herzliya councilor complains of water wastage

The councilor is angry that the city has been watering public gardens during the day, instead of the mornings or at nights.

A Herzliya opposition councilor has issued a complaint that the city has been watering public gardens in the heat of the day, instead of restricting watering to early in the mornings or at nights, reports www.local.co.il. Councilor Yaron Olami said he was surprised to see several public gardens being watered at 10:30 a.m. on the two hottest days of Pessah last month, and again on at least two days last week. "This behavior is irresponsible and annoying," Olami said. A municipal spokesman responded that while the city was generally careful to water public gardens only early in the mornings or late at nights, it was sometimes necessary to open the sprinklers at other times in order to check whether they were leaking or aimed in the right direction. The spokesman said the city was working with a water specialist who had helped it save 25 percent of its annual water consumption last season, despite the number of gardens in the city having grown.